We are headed to Raleigh for the IBMAs! Get your tickets here!

We are headed to Raleigh for the IBMAs! Get your tickets here!

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Livestreams, July 26 & August 2, 2020 

This weekend, we'll be doing another live stream performance from our Ocean Beach home base. Watch and listen here.

You can get yourself warmed up for tomorrow, but listening to last week's live stream:

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Big thanks to Dave Chesavage for the audio, video and streaming production.

Two Roads for "The Game" 

Members of MohaviSoul like to participate in "The Game". The Game is a local songwriting exercise where two titles are shared and everyone writes a song with those titles. This month's titles were "Two Roads" and "Except You". Here's Randy's "Two Roads".

MohaviSoul: Live At Huck Finn Press Release 

San Diego, CA – Mannequin Vanity Records is pleased to announce the December 18th release of MohaviSoul “Live at the 42nd Annual Huck Finn Jubilee.” This is their fourth album and first live full-length CD by MohaviSoul. Since the formation of MohaviSoul in 2012, Randy Hanson and Mark Miller have established themselves as original songwriters in the bluegrass community. Combining their love for contemporary bluegrass and Americana storytelling, their music falls somewhere between The Steel Drivers, Seldom…

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